Butler Salamence


Salamence is a Dragon type Pokemon.


Salamence are quadrupedal dragon-like Pokémon, who have newly grown large, red wings. Although primarily blue, Salamence possess accentuations of red and gray coloration. The red-colored portions of its body include its aforementioned wings, eyebrows, neck, and the undersides of its tail and limbs. The gray portions include its lower jaw and its belly, the latter of which appears armored in a similar manner to the shell in possessed as a Shelgon. Salamence has three spiky extensions splayed from the sides of its face similar to the external gills of some salamanders, hence the name.



  • Salamence shares the same species name with HorseaDratini, and their evolutions. They are all known as Dragon Pokémon.
  • Salamence is actually lighter than Shelgon, weighing 226.2 lbs to Shelgon's 243.6 lbs. This may be a reference to some of Shelgon's Pokédex entries, stating that its body acts as a cocoon as it prepares to evolve. Its outer shell is considered extremely heavy as this process occurs.
  • Salamence's known abilities are shared with another Pokémon, Gyarados.
    • Both of these abilities affect the Attack stat.
  • Salamence is the only non-legendary Pokémon who learns Fly by leveling up.
  • Prior to Generation IV, Salamence was the only non-legendary Pokémon to learn a move above level 90, which was Double-Edge; it was learned at level 93